Create a Free SSL digital certificate instantly and encrypt your data

Certificate tools for phones:

getaCert provides a fast and simple way to create or decode a SSL digital certificate. The digital certificates issued on this site can be used for encrypting emails and/or web sites. You can create a signed or self-signed certificate and you don't need a CSR. All certificates expire after 10 years. Wildcard certificates are also supported. Viewing certificates attributes is available where you can submit a certificate and decode it's details/attributes

  Why use getaCert?

You'd like to create a certificate for testing and need a quick way of generating a SSL cert, perhaps for Exchange active sync for your iphone or droid mobile phones. This web site allows you to easily create a free digital certificate in one simple step using an easy to use web form. Download the p12 file and Install into your wireless device such as Droid or iPhone. If you installed the signed certificate also install getaCert's CA or root file called getacert.cer for the phone to trust

getaCert is not a Certificate Authority(CA) or certified through WebTrust. Should be used for testing only or for non public based sites or services.

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